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D-III lessons applied at the D-I level

Toledo head coach Matt Campbell is entering his first season as the head coach of the Rockets, and will be doing so with some of his closest friends and former teammates on staff. Between Campbell and his three Mount Union alums on the Toledo staff (Jason Candle - receivers, Stan Watson - special teams, and Tom Manning - offensive line), there are an astonishing 11 D-III national titles, and well over a hundred wins as players. 

There are traditionally two schools of thought when hiring friends as assistant, but for Campbell, it was never a question. “In this business, you’re hiring a football coach and a leader of young men first. That’s how I evaluated it.”

Each of them has learned under legendary Mount Union head coach Larry Kehres as who has compiled an impressive 19 undefeated seasons, 10 national titles, and in his 26 years as the head coach...has lost only 25 games (317-25-3 overall and 219-8-3 in conference play).

Campbell admits that he can't recall a whole lot from the games, buthe can remember the lessons that Kehres taught them as players and coaches.

Jason Candle remembers one in particular. Making the transition from a player to member of the Mount Union staff, Kehres sat him down and wrote the following on the board; "Coaching is teaching. Teaching is the ability to inspire learning", and Candle says he reminds himself of that quite often.

Offensive line coach Tom Manning added that they've taken a little bit of the D-III mentality to Toledo. “I think the one thing we learned at Mount Union is how to work intelligently so the players could get the most out of our coaching. We’ve taken a little bit of a Division III mentality, in a sense, to Toledo.”