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Dabo: I relate it to when Peyton Manning left Tennessee

Dabo Swinney talked with Scott Van Pelt on ESPN radio early Monday afternoon.

Swinney compared the loss of C.J. Spiller to the time when Tennessee lost Peyton Manning.

Said Swinney, “I kind of relate it to when Peyton Manning left Tennessee. When he left, that’s all people talked about. All they did was go win the national championship with Tee Martin.” 

“Hopefully, everybody will pick up the slack. We’ll be more blue-collar. “

“When I was at Alabama, they want you to win the national championship every year. At Clemson, it’s every other year. I don’t think they think about anything other than winning.” 

“The interim thing was a difficult task. I’m thankful for the opportunity. When I was able to put the staff together and build my support staff, I began to think ‘we’re putting this together.’”

With the passing of defensive end DeQuan Bower’s father, Swinney said, “We’re going to take the team down on Friday and see DeQuan.”