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Dabo proposes scrimmaging other teams in spring

Dabo Swinney wants to take a page out of the book of other NCAA sports, and have the ability to scrimmage an opponent during the spring.

Swinney told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, "I don’t know if it will ever happen but it’s fun to think about.”

If Swinney has his way, there would be a few guidelines. You would have the option of scrimmaging yourself, or another team. If you choose to scrimmage another team it must be an out of conference opponent and within reasonable driving distance. The head coaches would set the structure of the scrimmage and other parameters beforehand.

“Personally, I think it would be a good thing for college football to do, college football takes in a lot of money. I think it would be an opportunity to give something back to your school or a charity."

Dabo went on to say that last season they were missing over 30 guys for spring practices, but will have more guys on hand this spring. But still, every time you scrimmage yourself, you've got 22 of your own guys out on the field at one time.

"Every time you practice against each other in a scrimmage, you’re 100-percent invested with your personnel, as opposed to if you go and scrimmage somebody else. You’re scrimmaging their defense, while your defense is on the sidelines. When your offense is out there, your defense is on the sidelines. You’re not 100-percent vested with what’s going on. I just think there’s something good with that" he explained.

Swinney went on to suggest that the NCAA could put a limitation on the miles away from campus you could travel, perhaps 100 or 200 miles (for the record, the University of Georgia is 75 miles away from Clemson's campus).

“I think it would be fun. I think the players would enjoy it. I think the fans would enjoy it. But that’s just one guy’s opinion” Swinney added.