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Dabo: "You can't practice this game half speed"

The frame of Clemson's new $10 million indoor facility is up, and the added flexibility that it is going to provide the Tigers has Dabo Swinney pretty jacked up.

Soon enough they will no longer have to take cover during bad weather and lose an hour of valuable practice time.

"A siren will go off, you’re going what the heck, and you’re shut down for 45 minutes before you can even think about going out. Well, we work on a 20-hour rule. (Players have) study halls, tutors, a lot of stuff. We go to class here. It’s a lot to balance. You have a certain window to get your work in.”

"For me, at this level, (the indoor facility) is a huge need for us. Because of the edge other people are gaining by having that. They never miss a day. So for us, we’re never going to miss a day of work.”

With their current setup, practicing in the rain becomes a major safety concern because Swinney and the coaching staff don't want to risk injuries practicing outdoors.

"We can’t go full-speed, and you can’t practice this game half-speed. Just doesn’t work. Not on a Tuesday, Wednesday, you’ve got to play an opponent on game day. Especially if they’ve been able to practice at a tempo at which you need to practice. It’s going to be awesome. Many other things we can benefit from, and we’re going to use it for a lot of other things.”

The window for completion looks like December...just in time for possible bowl preparations.