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Dabo: 'You'll never be a great program if you let one loss derail you'

After a tough conference loss to the buzz saw that has become known as Florida State, Clemson has regained their composure and rattled off three straight wins, scoring 55 points or more in two of those three contests and have climbed their way back into the top ten rankings.

As Dabo Swinney pointed out last night on Sirius XM College Sports Nation, in order to be a great program , you can't let one loss derail you from your goals.

"I think we've played our best football now. You're never going to be a great program if you let a loss derail you."

"Heck, the national champion hasn't been undefeated the last couple years, so that's hard to do. So, when you lose a game, they're all difficult losses, and when you lose one you've got to respond the right way and it's always about the next game and just trying to put your best foot forward.'

"And if you have a good win, like you've beat Georgia and have to play South Carolina State the next week, listen, you're still playing to a standard."

Hear more from Swinney, including how he used a glass half full or half empty demonstration to nail home his point on perspective coming off a big win, or close loss.