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Dan Hawkins: It will be a bunch of little things

Dan Hawkins talked about the importance of playing consistent during CU media day.

"I've told you guys before, just the line between getting it done and not getting it is very small. I've said that before many times in the past. You will go, 'What was the big thing?' And it won't be a big thing. It will be a bunch of little things.”

"There is a bunch of those. There is a long list of those. There really are. Injuries. There is all those little, little infinite things. It won't be one big thing. It will be a whole lot of those things. Part of it is turnovers, being a little more consistent, making a couple kicks here or there, a penalty less or two. It comes down to two or three plays a game. You've got to get those and then you get a little momentum going. Like I said, the line between 10-2 and 2-10 is ..."