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Dan McCarney juiced up and speaking fast at introductory presser

Dan McCarney has been with Urban Meyer for three seasons and it sounded like it today during McCarney’s introductory press conference at North Texas just moments ago. McCarney was juiced up and spoke really fast.

McCarney, who met with UNT athletic director Rick Villareal a week ago last Thursday in Gainesville at his home, said, “36,000 students? Are you kiddin’ me?”

“Our plan is pretty simple…Play great defense, number 1. That’s have good players and good coaches. Two…win the turnover margin. Three, score in the red zone. Number 4…win the turnover battle.”

“I’m a real passionate guy. I don’t sugar coat it.” 

“Our program will be built on honesty, integrity and fierce loyalty. If they (our assistants) don’t believe in this, they won’t be in our program. They won’t worry about the next job. They’ll worry about the one they have.”

“You better get your tickets now. Just on the bandwagon now. I told Rick Villareal that we will fill that stadium. There is absolutely during our first game against Houston on September 10th, there is no reason why we can’t have a full stadium. If we don’t, I’ll die trying.”

“They (our assistants) will go 100 miles per hour because that is what I will demand.”

“A lot of people give lip service to it, but we are going to invest in special teams.”

“I have gone to the AFCA convention every year since 1975, there’s only 119 D1 jobs, to be a head coach again after four years, I’m humble and excited.”

(On his approach with the players) “I don’t care what you’ve done. You’re starting on a clean slate. I could care a less about the past.”

"We’re going to build this thing on 4 year players, with high school kids."

“To me, why not North Texas?” 

McCarney also announced that Mike Canales has been hired as his associate head coach / offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach. He praised Canales several times and made it clear he is really pumped that Canales is staying around. 

McCarney also thanked Urban Meyer, Barry Alvarez, and Haydon Fry.