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Dan McCarney: You know it and I know it. We have zero chance to win unless...

Camp is underway at North Texas under new head coach Dan McCarney, who was point blank with anyone listening yesterday.

McCarney said, "This was the smallest D1 team I had ever been around (when I got here). We addressed it. We worked on it. We did make improvements because you have no chance, zero chance, to win games in the Sun Belt or non-conference or anybody we play unless we are more physical in the trenches than North Texas has been for many years. You know it and I know it. You can have playmakers with speed and quarterbacks and running backs with a lot of yards and all that stuff and you keep seeing 9 losses, 10 losses, 9 losses, 10 losses. Why? Because you keep getting dominated in the trenches, period, end of story."

Alrighty, coach. We'll take your word. Now what about the brand new stadium and new uniforms?

McCarney said, “The perception on the outside is that football stinks at North Texas. The perception is there is no commitment, no winning, no success, it hasn't been run the right way -- if you want to go small time, you go to North Texas. If you want to go big time, you go somewhere else. That's what we stepped into."

“Once we get young men and their families on campus, it is a whole different world now. What I ask all of them is if it is less than what you expected, what you expected or more than you expected. Everyone has said it is more than they expected.”

North Texas opens at FIU on Thursday night, September 1st. The first home game in the new stadium is against Houston on Saturday, September 10th.