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Dan Mullen explains new challenge for his staff

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen does not want his players to have any sense of entitlement or overconfidence as the Bulldogs head into Spring practice.

Mullen explained this morning on 790 The Zone in Atlanta, “We have really good focus. One of things we have to deal with now is dealing with success. A lot of our players have not had to deal with success before. Now, we’re getting everyone pat them on the back when they are walking to class now. They’ve dealt with adversity. They’ve dealt with everyone telling them what we can’t do.”

“It’s a little bit of a challenge. We’re worked awfully hard to win 9 games last year, but I don’t want to be satisfied with 9 wins. We have to work that much harder this year. There is some confidence in our team. There are some guys that now believe…that maybe before didn’t believe they could do some things that they are doing right now.”

“Now, we have to defend against that overconfidence, that sense of entitlement.We try to squash that in our off-season program very quickly and remind them how hard they have to work.”

“Our goal is to find a way to get to Atlanta. That is one thing that we can control. Find a way to win the SEC West and get to Atlanta.”

The 2011 non-conference schedule for Mississippi State include at Memphis, LA Tech, at UAB, and UT-Martin.