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Dan Mullen reiterates: I don't ever plan on losing to them

After defeating Ole Miss for the second consecutive year, Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen joyously shouted to his team in the locker room, “We’re never going to lose to this team again.”

You still stand by that, Dan?

Mullen told the Clarion-Ledger this week, “That’s the plan.”

What if Ole Miss wins? How will you react?

Mullen added, “We better work an awful lot harder next year. I'll be honest with you, I don't ever plan on losing to them. Hopefully I never have to come up with that scenario.”

Those comments surely have to agitate Houston Nutt. They would irk any competitor.

So Houston Nutt, do you plan on approaching the game any differently this year? (i.e. Is there anything you would like Dan Mullen or your own fans to know? The floor is yours.)

Nutt told the Clarion-Ledger, “We really tried to make it very important last year. That is one of the biggest games of the year, and when you have that rival - Ole Miss-MSU in the Egg Bowl - it's something very, very special. Our players know that and I think our coaches know that.”

In three years as Ole Miss head coach, High Road Houston is 22-16 with two Cotton Bowl wins. In two years as Mississippi State head coach, Excite Me Mullen is 14-11 with a Gator Bowl win over Michigan.