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Mullen says win in The Swamp "not an upset." Latest from Pelini, Saban, Spurrier

Dan Mullen says 10-7 win in The Swamp “not an upset” : “I said all week I've had success in this stadium. This is not an upset. Our team expected to win this football game.”

Bo Pelini has Huskers moving forward after 20-13 loss to Texas: “I told our football team, we still have everything out in front of us that we want to do. Our first goal is to win the Big 12. It’s still out there for us to go do, but we’re not going to do that unless we look in the mirror like men and take responsibility for what happened out on the field (Saturday) and get better because of it.”

“We’ll let the fans and everyone else feel sorry for themselves and feel sorry for what happened. You have to take an experience like this and let it make you stronger.”

Classic Spurrier, jokes SEC championship won’t feature 2 teams from West: “It is unusual, but that's where we are right now. Somebody's going to represent the East in Atlanta. We don't know who it is yet, but they're not going to take two from the West.”

“We're still in the hunt. Now, if we fall on our face again, we won't be in the hunt. But the Eastern Division is a little down this year, so we're still in the hunt.”

Saban says Bama offense has struggled 3 years in a row against Tyrone Nix’s defense at Ole Miss: “We struggled a little bit offensively. We’ve actually struggled against these guys for three years in a row offensively. They pretty much take the run away from you, make it difficult to run, and you’ve got to execute in the passing game. At times we did, at times we didn’t. But they gave us too many negative plays and the penalties hurt us on offense and stopped us on a couple of drives. We didn’t make enough explosive plays, but we did a pretty good job scoring in the red zone.”

“The goal of this game was for us to get back to playing with the kind of effort, the kind of toughness and discipline and execution; to play with the intensity you need to play with to play winning football. We probably hit on the toughness part — I was pleased with that — I thought we tackled better on defense, played on the line of scrimmage better. We did a better job all the way around and gave much better effort in this game. Guys really played hard and I’m really proud of that. The intensity was good, the execution was not what it needs to be. That’s something we can improve on. We had way too many penalties — discipline penalties. Offsides on defense, false starts on offense, those things we can correct and improve.”

Chizik calls Auburn defense “resilient” : “The thing that stands out to me the most is that at the end of the game we were able to get three turnovers to change the game. What that said in my opinion is that our football team is just resilient. Our defense is resilient.

“When it was the fourth quarter and when we had to make plays and when we had to get turnovers, we got three.”

Ed Orgeron talks about USC win over Cal: