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Dan Mullen talks QB situation, concern at wide receiver position

Dan Mullen and Mississippi State will change practice venues today as "training camp starts for real today."

As Mullen met with the media on Sunday, the Mississippi State head coach admitted the Bulldogs quarterback battle is far from settled.

Quoting Dan Mullen: “We head out to the farm. Once you check into the hotel, you kinda seclude the team away. We change practice locations. To me, training camp starts for real today.”

“Manny (Diaz) isn’t afraid to think outside the box. He’ll blitz you from every different direction. He does that, though, while we are still very sound defensively. He does it to try to cause issues for the offense. He makes them not do what they want to do on offense very much like what we try to do to other defenses."

"I know what’s going on now and have done it before. Last year, even though I expected stuff to happen, it is still your first time doing anything. Anytime a situation presented itself, it was my first time handing it as a head coach. Having gone through it before, I’m a little more comfortable dealing with situations." 

(on the quarterback battle between Chris Relf and Tyler Russell): "I don’t think there’s much. Each of them has their strengths. I see certain things out of both of them that are good, but I also see things from both of them that are glaring mistakes as young players will do. That is a battle that will not be decided for quite a while now. We are going to put them both in situations and hopefully have both of them ready to play. If we get in a situation where there is a number one and number two and our number one goes down, our number two is ready to step up."

(on the wide receivers) "We're still a year or two away from where we want to be in the recruiting ranks. We still need to do a great job of getting some wide receivers in here. It'll be another year or two before we get the depth at the receiver position that we need. We just need to continue to recruit."

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