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Dantonio: Developing as a quarterback is a lot like golf

First year starting quarterback Andrew Maxwell has struggled at times through his first three games as the starter at Michigan State, ranking 108th in passing efficiency.

When asked about the learning curve of his quarterback yesterday on the Big Ten teleconference, Dantonio compared it to the game of golf.

"I think a quarterback continues to grow. It’s a lot like golf. You can call the same play, but it’s always a different shot."

"You can be the same distance away from a hole, but its always a different shot you are taking." Dantonio explained.

"There are so many different things a quarterback is seeing, from different coverages to different pressures, blitzes, that no play that we run is too often the same because the different things that add up on it."

Dantonio and the Spartans (2-1) look to get back on track this weekend when they welcome Eastern Michigan (0-3) to Spartan Stadium.