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Dantonio handles press conference, will be in coaching box on Saturday

Mark Dantonio expects to be upstairs in the coaching box during Saturday’s game against Wisconsin.

Today, Dantonio returned for his regular Tuesday press conference. He thanked a number of people including Tom Izzo for supporting him as he recovers from his heart attack. Dantonio praised his staff and said he will ease back into the coaching situation.

“Well, it's good to be back. I wanted to first of all - before I even get started here, I wanted to thank everybody for all their thoughts and their prayers this past week and a half. As former players when you've coached for 30 years you hear from a lot of different people that reach all the way back to my Youngstown State days...Former players, the MSU community, the outpouring of support has been tremendous. I think Tom Izzo has called me every single day regardless of where he's at; Mark Hollis, as well; so many different coaches; Cathy (George) over there. So many different people that have reached out to myself and to my family.”

“As far as myself, I'm going to ease back into this much like anybody would after any injury. Really we don't discuss injuries, so why discuss mine? Really it's a personnel issue as far as when I come back and when I'm full go. I'm going to listen to our doctors, but I am going to ease back into this and do something daily with our football team, and we'll start at X amount and build back to where it was before. That will at least be the plan as we move forward here.”

“I would expect to be in the box on Saturday. I just think walking around out there for three hours might be a little bit tiring. But that would be my initial plan at this point.”

Kick-off from East Lansing is set for 3:30 pm EST on Saturday.