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Dantonio: 'I'm hired to make people happy'

During the off season leading up to Michigan State's Big Ten championship run, Mark Dantonio had a conversation with Clemson's Dabo Swinney that shaped the way that the Spartan's celebrated after a win.

That conversation led to some epic celebrations, complete with multiple coaches getting in on the action throughout the season

As a head coach, Dantonio notes that wins are hard to come by, so a post game celebration after taking care of business is very warranted.

"It’s not for other people, I tell them to turn off the cameras. It’s for us." Dantonio told the Detroit Free Press in a well done piece highlighting Dantonio's background, and how it's helped lead them to the Rose Bowl.

"Next time I go to a clinic, that’s one thing I’m gonna say. ‘I tell you what, a win is so difficult to get, it’s got to be a celebration.’ ”

After the win over Ohio State, Dantonio noted how many guys he saw in the locker room that were over the moon happy. It's a goal they've had circled for a few years now, and they've finally seen it come to fruition.

“I saw people so happy and that’s what you’re hired here to do. Am I hired here to make the most money? No. I’m hired here to make people happy.”

Dantonio has been successful in East Lansing because he recognizes what the journey is all about. Take a full look at the very well done piece on him from the Detroit Free Press here.