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Dantonio: The #1 thing is relationships

Listen to any of Mark Dantonio's press conferences this off season and you'll hear a consistent message that credits their success, in large part, to their ability to retain assistants.

As we have noted before, the defensive staff at Michigan State has been together for an impressive 9 seasons, dating back to their time at Cincinnati. Offensively, the staff has lost two guys that left to run their own programs in Dan Enos (Central Michigan) and Don Treadwell (Miami of Ohio). Not a bad 9 year stretch for staff retention.

"My mentality, my No. 1 goal, is to impact and influence and have relationships with our young people for the rest of their lives, that's it. Beyond that, everything else becomes window dressing. We're not naive to the fact that we have to win. We're not naive to the fact that we have to graduate our players, and we're doing those things."

"The No. 1 thing is the relationships. I think that you can't foster those relationships without continuity on your staff. And that speaks volumes about who our staff is. They're not just coaches, they're not just guns for hire." Dantonio explained.