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Dantonio: "There's a lot of different reasons for success"

After a season where the offense struggled for Michigan State, ranking 10th in the Big Ten and 109th nationally in scoring offense, Mark Dantonio pledged that the offense was going to make some changes.

“We need to change somewhat with the times, which will happen.” Dantonio said back on November 20th.

Changing with the times for Dantonio and his offensive staff doesn't mean abandoning their philosophy and going to the spread no-huddle or turning to the flexbone triple option. Instead, the staff has noted that small tweaks will be made within their system to help them as they move forward.

“There’s a lot of different reasons for success and for failure. A lot of it hangs on the smallest of details, so we just keep continuing to try and implement new things and try and become a little bit different to try and progress, but at the same time I think our foundation of who we are always has to stay the same so that we can play fast." Dantonio said in the Lansing State Journal.

“That doesn’t mean that we don’t move forward and try different things, but it does mean that we’re gonna stay basically the same.”

While the passing game struggled all year they were able to see some success in the run game with Le'Veon Bell ranking in the top 6 nationally in rushing yardage. So for Dantonio and his staff, it's not about changing the system, it's about evaluating the what they have in place and tweaking it to ensure their successful.

“When I talked about the change thing, it’s more about critiquing ourselves and asking ourselves what do we need, how can we get better? Some of those things can be addressed in bowl season, some of those things can be addressed in the spring or in the summer, but it certainly is not a wholesale change of any sort.”

As you look back and evaluate your season in the coming months, that may be an important lesson to keep in mind on both sides of the ball. Stick to your guns and find ways to tweak your scheme or philosophy instead of making wholesale changes following a season where you may have struggled.