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Dantonio urges recruits to 'find the truth' during the recruiting process

As we can all imagine as coaches, life as a highly sought after high school recruit isn't a cake walk. Having to deal with countless phone calls, letters, and emails on top of high school coursework and athletics is a handful to say the least. Then, having to sort through the recruiting pitches of a few dozen college coaches on top of all of that just adds to the stress of one of the most important decisions of a young life.

When Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio talks with recruits, he provides a little advice along the way. Dantonio urges recruits to sort through all the B.S and "find the truth" during the recruiting process.

"I keep talking to players about finding the truth. It's very, very important to find the truth, because I think in this day and age, recruiting is so accelerated." Dantonio explained to MLive.

"There are a lot of things out there that just aren't true, it truly is about the people, and the players need to understand that. "So I talk about our chemistry and what we've trying to build here, and how we're close.''

East Lansing has never been a place where coaches come in and sign a top 5 recruiting class. In fact, according to the MLive article, the Spartans have brought in just one top 20 signing class in the past five years, yet coach Dantonio has managed to win more games than any other Big Ten coach during that period.

While the "find the truth" message is just a small part of their overall recruiting message, it has helped Dantonio and his staff land the type of kids that can not only win ball games for them, but it also helps to attract the type of kids that they want representing the program for four or five years, and beyond.