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Darrell Hazell has an interesting contract incentive

719 high schools in the state of Ohio play football. First-year Kent State head coach Darrell Hazell wants to build his program around players from Ohio.

It’s something Kent State hasn’t done in the past.

According to the Kent State spring roster, only 41 of 84 players come from the state of Ohio. Some other states that are represented on the Kent State roster include Florida (8), Pennsylvania (7), Georgia (7), and North Carolina (5).

Interestingly, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports, “Each year in which at least 60 percent of his football scholarships go to players from Ohio is worth $5,000.”

Athletic directors are getting creative with contract incentives, but we can’t remember seeing an incentive like that one.

Looking back at Kent State’s first signing class under Hazell, 13 of 18 recruits are out of the state of Ohio. That’s 72%, so we assume an extra $5,000 for Hazell.

Kent State will visit Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa to begin the 2011 season. The next three games are against UL-Lafayette, at Kansas State, and against South Alabama.