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Darren Rovell rips coaches that ban twitter, provides interesting points

CNBC sports business analyst Darren Rovell has published an article in which he calls coaches that ban twitter “ignorant and unfair.”

Rovell believes, “For the coaches, they see no upside. But that’s also because they don’t care about the athlete learning about social media. They also don’t care about how the athlete individually markets himself. (You don’t get a piece of your own jersey sales in college, now you can’t even market your own personality.)”

“It's about proving that the biggest college sports can really be a teaching opportunity instead of just a multi-billion enterprise in which everyone capitalizes except for the kids themselves.”

Turner Gill and Chris Petersen were the first two coaches to ban the use of twitter for their players. You can now add Steve Spurrier to that list.

Spurrier told Dan Patrick this morning, "There's no reason for them to tweet anything out there. I don't see how it can do any good for anybody. We had a couple of guys put some nasty stuff on their in the summer. So we just said you don't need to do that anymore. Let your girlfriend or pal down the road do all your tweeting or whatever it is."

Rovell actually rips Turner Gill in his article.

Jimbo Fisher, on the other hand, shared his stance this afternoon on the use of twitter. Fisher won’t ban twitter because, "It's part of growing up. Be mature enough to handle it."

Let us know your thoughts on if coaches should ban twitter. You can share your comments down below.