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Dave Clawson has concerns about young and inexperienced team

Bowling Green head coach Dave Clawson felt it was very important to get a lot of scrimmage work in during August camp in order to help a young and inexperienced team.

Following Saturday’s scrimmage, Clawson met with reporters.

Clawson said, “Just the sense of urgency getting line up (is a concern). The big thing we have to stress on is game tempo.” 

“I think on defense, it’s just playing with more consistency. I just don’t know if we’re always playing with the same level of intensity to go through a twelve-game season.”

“I believe you can introduce an opponent too early. If you introduce it 2 weeks out, then it’s three days before the game and they (players) are tired of it. About next Friday, we’ll get an extra two or three days on Troy.”

Below, you can watch Clawson’s entire post-scrimmage media session.