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Dave Wannstedt: 16-Power, that's just a way of life

Sixth-year Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt believes the team will only play a few true freshman. 

"I would expect that we would have two, maybe three, of the freshmen play this year, and we would try to redshirt the rest of them."

"There's no turning back," Wannstedt said. "The thing you don't want to do is waste a year. Once you play a kid, now you are trying to force him into the lineup a little bit."

Wannstedt described the Panthers training camp by saying, "It's been a good camp; I thought it was a very physical camp. I think that every coach likes to stand there and say that this is the most physical camp that we've had, and players like to say that too. I don't know, I just know that the faster that you get, and the stronger that you get, for some reason practices become more physical. We banged it around pretty good.”

Pitt will travel to Utah for a Thursday night game on September 2nd. There is no doubt, the Panthers will be running “The Power.”

Wannstedt said, "If you walked in the room right now and asked our kids to call a play, man-for-man, "16-power", that's just a way of life. You live with things and you die with things, but if you have confidence in them and if you do them well enough, the kids believe in it.There's no easy finesse way to run 16-power, it's the combination of players and mentality that we want to have here at Pitt, plus the type of plays that we run. There are not many teams that use a fullback, and we do. I think that all adds up to having physical practices."

In case you're not aware, 16-Power will go to this stud.