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David Shaw: 2 years of good football is not enough

Stanford head coach David Shaw wants to make the program a consistent winner, not just a two-year wonder.

During his introductory press conference on Thursday, Shaw stated, “We’re not there yet. Two years of good football is not enough. We’re aiming for consistency.”

“Our schemes are going to be the same. We will be a physical running team once again.”

“Take the 2010 season…outstanding, phenomenal. We’re going to put it in a box. We’re going to put a ribbon it and put it on the shelf. We’re gonna let everyone else talk about that. We’re going to get back to work. Our goals are not met. We did not win our conference. Oregon did that. But now, going into the Pac-12, our desire is to be the first champions of the Pac-12 conference.”

Here's the video of Shaw's introductory presser: