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David Shaw explains why he's impressed with Mark Helfrich

David Shaw and Mark Helfrich have a lot more in common than just being head coaches in the same conference. With Helfrich taking over things in Eugene, both head coaches have taken the reigns of very successful programs and both have taken over for head coaches who have left to conquer the NFL.

Being in a very similar situation just a few years ago taking over for Jim Harbaugh, David Shaw has kept his eye on Helfrich thus far, and explained to ESPN why he thinks Helfrich has handled the transition perfectly.

"I think he's done it perfectly so far. The first thing you don't want to do is spend so much time putting your stamp on it that you don't do what's best for the kids. The most important thing is that you put the kids in position to be successful. It's got to be about the team. And your team feeds off of that." Shaw explained.

"It's a great opportunity for Mark to step out in front and poke his chest out and talk about how great he is and all the things he's going to do and change. He hasn't done that. He's said 'Hey, we're going to play our offense. This is Oregon's offense. We're going to play as best as we can. We're going to improve every single day.'"

"All the moves he's made, all the decisions he's made, all the words he said have all been exactly what should be done," Shaw said. "That reassures your team. Really, that's how the team becomes your team because they believe in the coach and they believe he's going to do what's best for them."

Shaw, who has compiled a 23-4 record in two seasons as a head coach, knows a thing or two about making a successful transition, so it would be pretty difficult to get a better stamp of approval as a first year head coach.

It's going to be great watching these two square off in early November.