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David Shaw: "I didn't pray for a made kick. I prayed for him to do his best"

If this one doesn't (at least) give you chills, you need to check your pulse.

The clip starts off with a good video highlight of Stanford's win over Oregon, but then switches gears to an emotional locker room where David Shaw addresses his team and commends the "resolve" that they showed all game.

The best part of the clip is when Shaw explains why he closed his eyes and bowed his head before his kicker, Jordan Williams, lined up for the game winning field goal in overtime.

"I said a prayer. I didn't pray for a win, I didn't pray for a made kick. I prayed for Jordan Williamson to do his best."

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why David Shaw is so highly regarded among our profession. Genuine care for his guys and staff. 

Great message.