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David Shaw: "We're not surprised by any defense"

Being one of the only schools in the conference to use multiple tight end sets and offensive line packages on Saturday afternoons make it nearly impossible know how teams are going to try to defend you.

David Shaw noted that the offensive staff is never surprised by anything they see on game day.

"We're not surprised by anything because we're so different than everybody else in our conference. We're so different with our extra offensive line packages, all the things we do with our tight ends, etc. We're not surprised when people change things. It's hard to watch Oregon's offense against Arizona's defense and know how they're going to play us."

"So we know every single week there is going to be something different." Shaw said.

Not surprisingly, in their game against Washington last Thursday the offense saw a front they hadn't seen the Huskies play in their previous three games. Stanford finished with 68 yards rushing, their lowest rushing total since 2007.

"They lined up in a different front than they played all year. They showed us a front that we hadn't seen. Out on the sidelines we saw it, we diagrammed it and we should have been more efficient against it." Shaw said. "It wasn't something we shouldn't have been able to overcome."

Tomorrow, Stanford welcomes Rich Rod and Arizona to The Farm, and while Stanford needs to improve offensively from their previous outing, it was Arizona's offensive success that has surprised David Shaw so far this season. Shaw explained that he has both both surprised and disappointed in the Wildcats early success.

"It's one thing all of us coaches said when he was hired. We had hoped that it would take at least a year before that offense started showing signs, but it really hasn't."

Arizona's offense is ranked in the top ten nationally in passing offense (#9 - 344 ypg) and total offense (#10 - 538 yards per game). The Wildcats are coming off back to back losses to Oregon and Oregon State.

Kickoff for the game is scheduled for 3:00pm ET and can be seen on FOX.