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Davie: "I got a call from Houston Nutt"

Bob Davie wrapped up spring practices with a press conference yesterday and talked about everything from their focus of a staff moving forward in the off season, to a phone call he got from Houston Nutt.

The focus for the Lobo players and the staff moving forward from spring ball are focusing on finishing strong academically, players taking care of their business off the field, and continuing to develop physically through the summer months. Davie explained that much of January was spent just getting the team up to speed regarding their condition so that they could eventually practice effectively.

Davie also said that he got a phone call from Houston Nutt asking him how he was doing and if he was liking things so far. Davie responded by saying "You know I've had the chance to do a lot of great things over the past ten years, but nothing compares to what we have a chance to do now. It's more fun, more rewarding than I've done the past ten years." He added that Nutt understood that, as only coaches coach really could.

The spring has allowed Davie to bring in numerous coaching colleagues to visit campus including Lou Holtz, and Barry Alvarez (Nutt and his wife were heading into town when he called last night to stay at a resort). Davie explained that it simply took a look out his office window for each of them to comment on what a "heck of a place" The University of New Mexico is. That kind of reinforcement is why Davie believes that they can bring major college football to Albuquerque. 

You can tell that meant a lot to Davie, considering it comes from two guys that are not only friends, but also have over 360 combined wins as head coaches.

Plenty more from Davie below.