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Davie: "It doesn't matter if we play in quicksand"

Right after the New Mexico players stretched yesterday, Bob Davie kicked off practice with a scrimmage. Next time, he says they may not even stretch.

Davie wanted to stress the tempo of practice and hammer home the message that when they put their helmet on, it's time to go.

"If you come out here and you don't have the tempo, you have to manage the environment, and the only way I know to get the tempo better is to say it's full speed". Davie went on to explain that if they let the players just "ooze" around the practice field, they'll do just that.

Davie believes that games are won and lost up front, so the linemen on both sides of the ball get treated very well. They put in extra work in the weight room, sit at the front of the travel bus, and also have assigned seats in the front row of the meeting room.

At the end of the clip one reporter asks about the advantages that they have with a turf playing surface when all but two teams in the conference play on grass. Davie responded by saying "We're just trying to make a first down, right now it doesn't matter if we play in quicksand, or if we play on concrete."