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'Defensive coordinators are their own worst enemy'

For any staff that has been through a bowl prep period, having the extra time on your hands to prepare can prove to be both a blessing and a curse.

As Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti explains, having 12 games worth of film to watch on their opponent Kansas State, and a ton of time (compared to regular season prep) is a defensive coordinator's worst nightmare. Having that much time and film to review can sometimes lead to over-analyzing.

"Defensive coordinators, and some may not be as bad as me, are their own worst enemy."

"We have to prepare more during a time of peace, because an offense knows exactly what they're going to do. They have their personnel groups, they have the plays that they're going to run. Defensively, you have to prepare for everything and when you have a team with 12 games, that's a lot of film to look at and different things to concentrate on."

That makes a ton of sense.

Do defensive coaches out there that have prepared for bowl games, or situations similar to bowl games, agree?