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Derek Dooley: Life wouldn't be so difficult if...

Derek Dooley believes the Vols absolutely have to learn how to work through adversity in practice.

Following Thursday’s session, Dooley said, “After four practices, we’re not a very good football team.”

Dooley had an interesting outlook, one that he admitted his wife passed along to him.

He said, “Life wouldn’t be so difficult if we didn’t expect it to be so easy. If you know adversity is going to hit you every day, (if you know) bad things are going to happen and you treat it as an opportunity to do great things, then you generally do. But if you come out here every day expecting it to be the greatest, when something bad happens to you, then you don’t know what to do.”

“It starts with (pause), you need to expect adversity to happen. It’s going to happen in the Fall. It’s going to happen in every game because we play against good players.”

“It’s all what you think about. It’s training your mind. With the last play, what happened is not going affect the outcome of this play.”

It’s all part of building a team.

Here’s more from Dooley and his post-practice soiree with reporters.