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Derek Dooley makes a very, very interesting decision

In a very interesting decision, Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley is rewarding reporters that he feels are exemplary in the coverage of the Vols.

Only a select number of reporters were granted access to the Tennessee mock game last Wednesday in Neyland Stadium.

Dooley said, “It's not a punishment to those that didn't come, it's just like the players. It's a simple reward for exemplary performance, and I hope we'll get something out of it."

The select reporters were essentially doing what good teammates do during training camp.

Dooley explained, "Show up, which is No. 1. Give effort, and be respectful. That's kind of a Rule of Three in our program. Show up, meaning be where you're supposed to be -- it doesn't matter what it is. Give effort, which means give your best -- just try. And be respectful when you encounter other people.”

Six reporters were rewarded by Dooley.

Update: Dooley just said during a 1:15 pm interview on 104.5 The Zone, "What we did there was a totally, a kinda fun, tongue & cheek reward type of thing." 

He added, "I'm always going to give them what they need and treat them with respect."