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Derek Dooley reacts to Chaos - Part Two

Derek Dooley had a sick feeling when the clock hit zero in Nashville. He had been there before (in Baton Rouge). After chaos PART-TWO, the first-year head coach wants to see a 10-second run-off rule implemented in the college game.

Following the 30-27 (2OT) loss to UNC, Dooley said, “There were a lot of opportunities before the end to win the game. Anytime the result doesn’t go your way, you ask yourself, ‘What could you have done differently to change the outcome?’ And there were a lot of things there, especially down the stretch.”

“Well, I thought I had seen it all in Baton Rouge. But once you think you’ve seen it all, you hadn’t.”

“It’s why they have the 10-second run-off rule in the NFL and we don’t have it in college. And we should probably get it.”

“It was chaos again.”

“When they ran guys on the field for the field-goal unit, the rule states that the umpire should step over the ball and allow a substitution to happen.”

“I don’t know. Maybe there wasn’t enough time to do that.”

“What do you say? There will be a lot of things that will be brought up for discussion on game management and end of the game management and end of the game rules.”