Derek Mason, Todd Monken, Jedd Fisch talk about spring practice

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Stanford co-defensive coordinator / defensive backs coach Derek Mason talks about goals: "Last year we tried to lay a defensive foundation. The foundation's been laid, and now it's time for the walls to go up. We're just in Phase 2."

"We want to push for greatness. You came to Stanford to be the best, not average. We don't have average students here. We have some of the best in the world. (Football) goes hand-in-hand. We want these guys to change the world - change the game. Let's change the game. We can do that here at Stanford. They've got to believe that. I think they do."

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken is learning Holgorsen’s offensive scheme through 27-year old QB Brandon Weeden: "It's so easy because the guy's like a 38-year-old. The guy's been around for a while and it's like dealing with an NFL guy. It's not the information that he has, it's how he's able to communicate with you. He has an air about him, a confidence to where he'll ask a question that a young guy won't and he'll tell you that he doesn't like it, like a young guy won't.”

"They'll just sit there and say, 'Yes, coach,' and just nod their head."

Miami (FL) offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch talks about the Hurricanes' offensive plan:“We’re going to use all the personnel groupings you could possibly think of. We’ll try to attack defenses by running a pro-style offense, meaning we’re going to huddle. We’re going to run the football well because we have a great offensive line and running backs. And when you run the ball well, you can take advantage of the play-action passing game and the movement game, the keepers, the nakeds, the waggles, the boots.”

“Now you’ve got people having to stop your runs, and that’s where explosive plays occur. What we have to do is find a way to be great on third down and stay on the field.’’