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Did someone call us "Scurrilous"?

Yes, yes we believe someone did. 

Scurrilous. Have to admit we googled it. According to google, Scurrilous is an adjective:

    1. Making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation: "a scurrilous attack".
    2. Humorously insulting.

Here's what really happened.

Yesterday, a source very close to the situation told us that reps from Penn State had reached out to Niumatalolo. Source said he had no idea if Niumatalolo had any interest; but he knew for a fact it there had been contact. 

We in turn reached out to someone very familiar with Niumatalolo who also confirmed that Penn State had reached out to him. This person did not believe Niumatalolo would have interest in the job; but might "offer his thoughts to them on their search". 

With two good sources confirming this to us, we put on The Scoop:

Penn State: Don't know how this one will play out; but passing along info from good sources...Penn State representatives have contacted Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo.

If someone believes that is "Scurrilous" (i.e. spreading scandalous claims with the intention of damaging...or humorously insulting) please feel free to call us. We're not real hard to get a hold of.

Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo's agent Evan Beard, who is "in England studying at Oxford" replied to an email from someone in Annapolis yesterday in regards to what we put on The Scoop as follows:

"Bill. The report on Penn State's interest in Kenny is scurrilous. Neither side has had conversations."

Scurrilous. Well then.