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Does changing your logo lead to more wins? The answer may surprise you

When an NFL team changes its logo, chasing more merchandise dollars is usually the first, second and third priority on the front office's mind. But one study indicates that a new look provides a much more important side effect - more wins.

In light of the Miami Dolphins' logo change, examined all 32 NFL teams' most recent logo changes and the results may surprise you.

If we can accept that players, coaches, roster turnover, schedule and the bounce of the ball have a lot more to do with how a team performs on the field than a logo change, and I think that's a proposition we can all agree on, it makes sense to know that half of the 28 eligible teams saw a negligible change to their win-loss records, either staying the same or going up or down by one win. (The Browns and Texans have used the same logo since joining [or re-joining] the league, the Jaguars just changed their logo for the first time since expansion, and the Redskins' change came during a strike-shortened season.)

Five more teams saw notable downgrades after a logo change: the Falcons, Chiefs, Vikings, Raiders and Rams all lost between two and five games in the standings after changing their logos. 

However, that leaves 10 teams that gained at least two wins from the previous year after a change. And that doesn't include the Broncos, who only won one more regular season game but went on to win the first of two consecutive Super Bowls after modernizing their logo. The Giants reached the Super Bowl after going retro, and the Jets played in the AFC Championship after doing the same. A new look has provided a jumpstart to previously downtrodden franchises, as the Saints leaped by seven wins, the Titans added five wins and the Buccaneers won an additional four games.

If this highly un-scientific study is to be believed, NFL teams have a greater than 35 percent chance of upping their win total by an average of 3.8 wins simply by changing their logo.

Many teams are tweaking their uniforms this fall as the NFL switches from Reebok to Nike as its official uniform supplier, but only the Jaguars and Dolphins are making significant logo changes. While having good players, good coaching, a winnable schedule and luck on your side will always matter more in the long run, for a pair of franchises that have won one playoff game apiece since 2000, they'll take all the help they can get.