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'Don't be a pass-catcher, be a receiver'

To open up this video on Tennessee's spring practices, Butch Jones talks about developing the style of play, and identifying who the play makers and leaders are going to be heading into the fall. Then, at about the minute and a half mark, the focus switches to receivers coach Zach Azzanni and how he's approaching that mission with his group of wide outs.

Azzanni, who has been at Central Michigan, Florida, Western Kentucky, and Wisconsin prior to joining Butch Jones' staff, expects his receivers to be versatile, violent, and tough. Receivers are much more than strictly pass catchers under his watch.

"The 'V word' is important," he tells his players during spring practice.

"It's got to be violent man, like my man head-slapping Emmanuel yesterday. It's got to be violent, in everything that you do. Soft receivers don't win games...don't win championships. Don't be a pass-catcher, be a wide receiver." he explains as he runs a position drill.

Throughout the rest of the clip you'll hear the word "violent" being shouted at receivers at least a dozen or so times. Then, to wrap up practice, Azzanni further explains the mindset he's continually trying to instill in his unit.

"Ruthless, decisive, aggressive. That doesn't mean be last. Some guys have to pick this up a little bit. Power of the position. That means that if one guy is soft, everyone is soft. If one guy's last, we're all last. That's not how we're going to do things."

If you've got guys that want to play receiver for Tennessee, they're in for an intense experience under coach Azzanni.