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Don't be predictable when facing the Wildcat

In the Bengals and Redskins game yesterday, on the first play of the game, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden lined up Mohamed Sanu, their rookie receiver and former high school quarterback, at quarterback in the Wildcat formation. Starting quarterback Andy Dalton was split out at receiver.

As Gruden explained, he knew the Redskins were going to go Cover 0

"I noticed when teams played the Wildcat against the Redskins, they lined up in cover zero, and I thought we might able to do something with Mohamed because of his arm.''

Sanu ends up throwing a dime to a receiver for a touchdown. During practice all week, it never looked quite that good, but it looked good when it counted, and that's all that mattered according to Gruden.

"I can tell you, he didn't throw it that good in practice this week. But it only counts when it counts."

Lesson to be learned: Don't be too predictable, give some different looks.

h/t MMQB / Peter King