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Dooley encouraged with Vols' progress

Derek Dooley says the Vols are beginning to come together.

"I think it's just being around each other more, with coaches," Dooley said. "It's like anything. The more they're around us and they understand our expectations and what upsets us, the more we're around them and we understand what they're concerns our, the better it gets. It's just time."

"We installed red area. Each day we're installing something new situationally. We have our goals. We always talk about when we install (something new), we want to score touchdowns obviously on offense. We put in a lot of the red-zone game plan stuff we do and really the best part about it today is we just had good energy and intensity. We had the right mindset, so I was real pleased and felt like we got better today.”

Here’s video from the Saturday afternoon practice at UT.

Quoting Tennessee defensive line coach Chuck Smith: "Defensive linemen have to quit thinking they are just defensive linemen - you are special. They have to have vision. They have to be able to turn in space. They have to be able to cover, they have to be able stop the run and be able to rush. Nobody has as much responsibility as we do. It's the one position that hasn't changed in the last 90 years, but everybody is bigger, faster and stronger. So there are different techniques you have to develop.”

Tennessee will go full-pads for the first time on Monday.