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Dooley explains the importance of this Spring practice for Vols

With inclement weather in Knoxville, the Vols went outside, inside, outside, and back inside during the second day of Spring practice.

It sounded as though Dooley wanted a little adversity.

Dooley explained, "They didn't take a step back but a lot of the change disrupts routine. I mean it when I said it. It's good when things get a little disrupted because you have to get it back quick. You can't let the momentum shift on you.”

The Vols will go full-pads later on Thursday.

Dooley said, "I hope it's a physical practice.I told them today that I've never seen one team win a conference championship that wasn't physical. It doesn't happen. They need to go to bed tonight with a physical mindset tomorrow. It's going to be day one of turning us into a physical football team."

One thing is for sure. Dooley is glad his first spring at Tennessee is behind him.

“There was so much emotional baggage that was out there (last year) that it was difficult to get your arms around everything. This year, I think everybody understands each other. There is not a lot of newness. I think we’ll be able to dive into the teaching, coaching, and improving without all the other stuff on the periphery. And because of that, we’ll be able to get better.”

Dooley said perhaps his biggest concern is, “the freshman turning into dependable SEC starters. That is a giant leap from getting out there a few plays, flashing a few plays, everybody getting excited.”