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Dooley: It's kind of like we have 1's and 3's.

Following Tennessee’s scrimmage on Saturday, Derek Dooley sent a clear message the Vols are really young, inexperience, and lacking depth.

Dooley said, “It’s kind of like we have 1’s and 3’s. It’s the inexperience. That’s where, when you are operating at 72 scholarships. We have 15 guys missing off the team that could be sophomores and juniors.” 

 “Think of it this way. 4 more defensive backs. 4 more defensive lineman, 3 more receivers, and about 4 more offensive lineman. Think of essentially, a whole other signing classes. If you added 10 more 3 stars and 5 more 4 stars. It’s pointless to talk about though. It is what it is. I’m not worried about what we don’t have, but today it really showed. I’m probably overreacting a little bit. When I see the 2’s out there…that’s when the headset gets thrown, the hat’s going down, the bad language that I tell my kids not to use…comes out.”

An overwhelmed Dooley even joked, “Who do we play our 2nd game? Oregon?” A few seconds later he looked at reporters and said, “I really knew that,” as if he were telling them not to go print that out of context.

“We’re going to lose 14 seniors this year. That’s puts you…right there, you’re 29 down. Then you’re always going to lose 3-5 guys, so that puts you at 30-something. You only sign 25. So it’s takes a couple of years. That’s alright. Let’s not put the focus on all that. I’m happy to be here. I’m not saying ‘oh poor me.’ I’d rather be here with 72 than just about anywhere else.” 

Tennessee hosts UT-Martin to start the 2010 season.