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Dooley: Plenty of coaches will work for free. Trust me.

The ratio of scholarship football player to full-time coach is 8.5 to 1, something which makes no sense to Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley.

It’s part of the problem, believes Dooley, who surprisingly isn’t upset at all the negative press surrounding college football.

Dooley explained, "You can't get mad at the media for reporting what happens."

So today, in Destin, Florida at the SEC meetings, Dooley pointed out to reporters that football, basketball, and “one more” sport are the only sports that do not allow volunteer coaches, something Dooley doesn’t understand. He literally, brought his own data.

Unlike the NFL, college football staffs are limited to nine full-time assistant coaches. A number of NFL teams have well over 15 coaches for only a 53-man roster.

And don’t raise the issue that certain college athletic departments don’t have enough money to pay for more football coaches.

"Plenty of football coaches will work for free. Trust me," said Dooley.

Perhaps Dooley is on to something here.

Consider this the following scholarship player to full-time coach ratios:

Football - 8.5 to 1

Women's soccer - 4.6 to 1

Baseball – 3.9 to 1

Basketball – 3.25 to 1

Track – 3 to 1

Tennis – 2.25 to 1