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Dooley on Oregon offense: Nobody ever stops 'em

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley had high praise for the Oregon offense during Monday’s press conference.

Dooley said, “Them (Oregon) and Bama...the 2 best running back combinations you’ll see in the country. Nobody ever stops ‘em. You just gotta slow ‘em down. Try to be sound fundamentally. Try to get some breaks here and there. Try to play well on offense.”

“These guys (Oregon) are good because they believe in their system. They have very good coaches and they have phenomenal players. And so it doesn’t matter what you run, when you have those combinations, you’re going to be pretty good on offense.”

“They are the Pac-10 champs, and you see why. When they go on a 10-play drive, it takes about 2 minutes. When we go on a 10-play drive, it may take us a quarter, which is fine with me.”

"If they (Tennessee players) look at the film and they get over-confident, then we have a bigger problem. We have an intelligence issue we gotta deal with. If I gotta worry about that this week, then we got biggest problems than you guys can ever imagine."

(recapping win over UT-Martin) “My biggest concern to start the game was how we managed our anxiety. It was important that we didn’t go out there and lose focus and do some things that seem simple day-to-day, but they don’t look so simple on game day. That’s what I was most pleased with in the beginning.”

“We controlled the vertical field position of the game.” 

Oregon at Tennessee is set for 7:00 pm EST on ESPN 2. You can see the entire Week 2 TV Schedule right here.