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Dooley on headaches, Urban on bank robberies, and $100 fines for coaches

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley says recruiting has gotten out of hand: “The hardest thing for coaches is the industry that has been created in recruiting. It didn’t exist 10 years ago. It’s really challenging, and I’m not criticizing the media for this because there’s a lot of fan interest. But it absolutely has ruined some of our young people.”

“They get all this attention. We talk about how great they are, not the coaches, but the media and the fans. And by the time they get to your program they’re a mess. They don’t understand that this is hard. You’re really not very good, you haven’t earned anything, and we’ve got to start from scratch.”

Urban Meyer believe coaches with major violations should be terminated: "That's the only answer. There's a reason why people don't rob banks. The risk-reward is you're going to jail. Right now, if you commit -- they call them secondary violations, which is comical; they're not secondary -- if you commit a secondary violation, it's a slap on the hand."

According to the Miami Herald, UM coaches are fined $100 for each improper text message:But credit athletic director Kirby Hocutt for implementing a unique deterrent. In a policy that began when Randy Shannon was coach, we hear UM is monitoring cellphone records and fining any coach $100 if he or she sends a text message to a recruit who hasn’t signed with UM (an NCAA violation). The fine is $100 per text.