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Dooley on the understatement of the century and 'Year Zero'

Derek Dooley didn’t inherit the greatest of situations at Tennessee, but was it really as bad as Dooley is making it sound?

Dooley was asked yesterday, “Is it a little bit of a different feeling this spring?”

The Vols head coach responded, “That might be the understatement of the century. Last year was unlike any situation I don’t think any head coach as ever walked into, given the instability of the program, the attrition that had happened. That’s why I called it ‘Year Zero.’ We’re now in ‘Year One.’”

Dooley admitted the LSU and UNC games were especially hard.

“The LSU game, when I reflect back, it was tough. As much as we kept telling the team to put it behind us, it took me several weeks to really get to where I wasn’t eaten alive over the finish.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise about the job?

“Everything that you do here is going to get analyzed and scrutinized. That’s the biggest difference between here and a lot of other places. As long as you welcome that, I use it to keep me on my toes. We’re going to make mistakes and you can’t hide your mistakes here. Your mistakes are well publicized.”

Tennessee will play their spring game on April 16th at 2 pm EST on FoxSports South. The Vols will open the 2011 season against Montana. The following three games include Cincinnati, at Florida, and Buffalo.

UPDATE: An emailers email to FootballScoop reads, "Dooley just made the overstatement of the century."