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Dooley responds with humor, honesty, and professionalism

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley really had a great talk with Dan Patrick this morning on the Dan Patrick Radio Show this morning.

Patrick asked some terrific questions and joked with Dooley about Spurrier and Lane Kiffin. Tennessee’s first-year head coach responded with a mix of humor, honesty, and professionalism. Listen here.

Dan Patrick: What about Spurrier’s comments?

Dooley: Well, I guess I wouldn't be an official member of the SEC if Coach Spurrier hasn't taken a shot at our us. I’ve always had a lot of respect for him. I’ve always enjoyed his interaction with the media. He’s a great person and a great coach.

Dan Patrick: But why back out of the UNC game?

Dooley: It’s something you gotta to talk to Mike (Hamilton) about. He’s our athletics director. But I do think anytime you make scheduling decisions, a lot of it has to do with revenue of getting another home game.

Dan Patrick: So you don’t want to respond directly to Spurrier?

Dooley: (Laughs) Why would I do that? I know that you guys want me to respond directly. I’m not here to evaluate South Carolina’s scheduling philosophy. I got enough problems here at Tennessee.

Dan Patrick: Did you think about living into Lane Kiffin’s house?

Dooley: (Laughs) It was too expensive. I couldn’t afford it. He was making a little more money than I make. 

Dan Patrick: Who has the toughest job in the SEC, coaching wise?

Dooley: I’m not here to evaluate the other 11 guys. I know we certainly have our challenges here. We have a lot of tough things that we gotta sort through to get through the season, but we’re excited about it. I’m sure every program in some way feels they have the toughest job.

Dan Patrick: Have you talked with Lane?

Dooley: Never have. I don’t know Lane. It’s not because I have no intention to talk to him. I just don’t know him and I’ve never spoken with him.

Everybody likes to make a big story about Lane and Tennessee, but when I got here I really wasn’t concerned with what had happened. I was really more concerned about evaluating where we are and what we need to do to get going forward.

Dan Patrick: Can you explain the Bryce Brown situation?

Dooley: It’s been about a 6-month drama here in Knoxville. It would be hard to really summarize it in a sound byte. The short of it is Bryce indicated he didn’ t want to go through spring practice and wanted to leave Tennessee. The short of it is he ultimately made a decision to go to a certain school and then we parted ways.