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Dooley sends funny tweet this morning

We noticed Derek Dooley's off-the-wall tweet this morning.

Dooley tweeted, "Seven practices and first scrimmage down. Smallest room in the world -- a mushroom. Largest room in the world -- room for improvement!"

If that message doesn't make you think the Vols have a long way to go, then what about Dooley's quote from yesterday.

He proclaimed, "We have zero depth anywhere.”

The Vols scrimmaged for the first time on Tuesday. Dooley thought the offense had the upper hand, saying, "I thought the offense was mentally ready to play and the defense wasn't. And the offense kept the pressure on -- running the ball, play-action, making some big third-down plays."

Dooley also took time to share his views on the new APR that grades coaches.

"I think it's a good thing to identify the coaches, yeah, I do," Dooley said. "But what's important to realize about the numbers is that it's all relative to the situation you take over. Every school is different, too. You have to take those factors into consideration. You can't compare the head coach at Navy's APR with the head coach at San Jose State's APR. I'm not trying to demean San Jose State, but that's the only thing I caution people on."

"Also you need to look at where the program was when they arrived and then which way did it go over time. If it was good when they arrived and it stayed good, not necessarily having to improve, then that's good. If it was really bad when they arrived and it showed improvement, then that's good - even though the numbers may be low."

Here is Dooley talking about the Vols' Monday practice, the day before the scrimmage: