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Dooley shows displeasure on practice field

According to GoVolsXtra, Derek Dooley let ‘em have it on the first day of full-pads. Apparently, Dooley didn’t get the attention to detail he was looking for. 

Dooley said, "I told them after practice, there's high expectations on everything we do. I don't care if it's the player, the trainer, the coach, the manager, the video guy, the facilities - it doesn't matter. We have high expectations where we demand perfection. When we don't meet those expectations, we're not looking the other way. We're going to confront them and get it right.” 

"We all need to put those expectations on ourselves. Doesn't mean we're (not) going to make mistakes. In order for us to get where we need to be, that's what it takes - a total commitment to excellence in everything we do. When we say, 'Don't flip your hips until you cross the line,' if you continue to not do it the right way, then either you're not smart so you can't play, or you don't care. It's one or the other." 

"I don't come out here prepared to act a certain way. We had to get a little feisty out there, and I don't like doing that. It's not really my style."

The Vols open with UT-Martin, Oregon, and Florida. All three games are in Neyland Stadium.