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Dooley talks about "3 big picture things" to accomplish

Derek Dooley talks about the "3 big picture things" he wants to accomplish during camp.

The first-year Tennessee head coach really wants to build a strong team foundation. 


During his pre-camp presser, Dooley also talked about the limited opportunity for "2-a-day" practices.

Quoting Derek Dooley: "I'll tell you what's happening is the calendar. It just seems like every year it gets trickier and trickier. We only have about six days -- I think that's right -- where we are not in summer school or we're not in fall semester. Well, you can't do two-a-days when you're in school. And you can't do two-a-days the first five because it's NCAA rules. And you can't do two consecutive two-a-days by NCAA rules. So your window, you're sitting there, you're going when can I have them? We're only scheduled to do two of them."

"It's hard as a coach to say, `No two-a-days.' It's an old-school... camp's not what it used to be. You used to go to the dorm, and there was a good team-building part of staying in bad dorms, roaches on the walls, you know it's misery. But that was good. It was healthy. Now we're in the dorm like a week and a half, tops because of transition and the semester." 

"So things have really changed with the academic calendars, No. 1. No. 2, the number of players who are in summer school, and No. 3, the NCAA rules. The result is it's not the camp it used to be."