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Dooley: We absolutely shut it down, were not competing in the 4th quarter

After the Vols threw a pick-6 to go down 27-13 to Oregon, Derek Dooley says his offense, “absolutely shut it down.” Tennessee eventually lost 48-13 in front of 102,035 fans at Neyland Stadium.

Dooley said, "We went into the fourth quarter of this game down 14 and we're not even competing and that's something we have to change. We need to change that before we get to anything else, is being able to compete for four quarters no matter what the score is."

"They all want success and they all want this personal gratification and they lose sight of what it takes to get that. I think you don't just see it in sports. These sociologists have called this the entitlement generation. And if you ask employers out there across the board, there's a consensus that this generation comes in expecting raises and expecting bonuses and wanting vacation more than ever, more than any generation in the past. . . . I think it's a generational thing and it's important that we teach them the importance of process and that you get your satisfaction from the investment you put into something."

"I hope we can see that, when we do play with the kind of intangibles that we expect them to play for 60 minutes, that we can go out and compete and we did that against a good football team. But when we don't play with those intangibles, whether it be a lack of discipline, a lack of effort, a lack of toughness, then we are going to get embarrassed and I think that's the case of whoever we play."

"You should be able to turn on the TV and, based on how we're competing, you don't know if we are winning or losing. Sometimes players nowadays they get so focused on wanting to win that they don't enjoy the competitive element of the game and they don't enjoy when it gets tough, how to fight through it and figure out a way to find solutions to have success.”

The Vols host Florida on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 3:30 pm EST on CBS.