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Dooley will not sugar-coat the Vols' performances

Derek Dooley simply isn’t going to sugar-coat anything. The first-year Vols head coach is as open and direct with the media as any coach in the country. 

During his Monday pressers, Dooley goes in depth to explain the Vols’ weekend performance.

Here's part of what Dooley had to say on the Vols 31-14 loss to Florida:

“But probably the biggest disappointment offensively was the number of just breakdowns, doing things they never did in practice. It was almost as if we were more starry-eyed this game on offense than the previous two. I'm not sure why.”

“But ultimately what killed us on defense is our inability to win one-on-one at every level, and that's what got us on third down. Our pass rush was terrible up front when we could never win any one-on-ones. We weren't coming at them aggressively. We weren't aggressive in coverage, never denied them the ball.”

"If you look at the field position game, I think their average field position was the 41 and ours was the 26. That makes a big difference.”

“Quarterback, we had a lot of decision issues and accuracy issues that affected us. Our running backs, poor in pass protection, technique-wise, and jumpy when they ran the ball. Our receivers, getting lined up properly and using good route technique. I mean, it was essentially everything and it showed."

“The good returners, they commit and they hit it. We aren't doing that right now, and it shows. We didn't do a good job blocking, but there's been a lot of returns out there with a lot of air that we're not taking advantage of."

"I've always said this, that the special teams is always sort of a microcosm of your team. And our depth issues, it really shows up on (special) teams. They outperformed us in the big space areas.”

The Vols host UAB on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 12:21 pm EST on the SEC-Network.